Door Skin Plywood and MDF panels inspection and QC graing rules

Door Skin Plywood and MDF panels inspection and QC graing rules

Door skin plywood has changed in recent years. It use to be plywood, but now is a wood faced paper product. I still use it for template making and the big box stores carry it,Door skin material is just as the name suggests, it’s the stuff used to skin a hollow core door. It’s 2.7MM plywood, usually with a choice of hardwood faces such as okoume,pencil cedar ,sapele ,red oak ,maple or melamine paper or PVC ,HPL , well it use to be and is available at the big box stores. In recent years it seems to have been replaced with a cheaper product, which is a paper thin hardwood face with a resin soaked paper type of backer.

Door Skin Plywood

Best Door Skin Plywood selections that will cater for all your projects and applications, from birch door skin, mahogany door skin, red oak door skin and other plywood products. plenty of stocks from different sizes according to use/suitable for your building and construction needs

3’x7′ ,4’x6′ and other sizes


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