DOORSKINS inspections and QC checklist

DOORSKINS inspections and QC checklist

Primed Doorskins : HDF doorskins are produced by either primary- or secondary processing. The size, thickness and design mould typically varies per manufacturer. The choices of moulds are wide and constantly adapted to the latest market demand.  Flush doorskins are timeless and available from most suppliers.

Melamine Doorskins : The demand for these products has been growing sharply. Although widely produced, good quality products are scarce. Early on we have associated ourselves with one of the high quality manufacturers promoting a wide set of designs and committed to stay ahead. The choice of moulds is growing and we complement the design range with flush doorskins deployed for facing panels or to match doorframes, doorjams and other door components.

Veneered Doorskins : Moulded and flush veneered doorskins with the most popular natural or engineered veneers are supplied on the base of HDF of 4.2 mm.

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