Double Face Glue Spreader

GLUEING AVERAGE AND GLUE SAVING: Roller all under professional precision treatment and balance treatment and balance revised. So will make the spray more even and sane glue.
CONVENIENCE: The special adjusting mechanism of rubber and doctor roller with pneumatic cylinder.
When it insert to the clearance either between the glue roller; or between the glue roller and doctor roller, the roller are separate quickly by air cylinder. So the waste fall down and can not scrape the glue roller.
When washing glue roller, roller are separate by air cylinder. Can save time and safety.
Feeding speed control by inverter, easy to adjust feeding velocity according to the actual gluing situation.
Specifications GS-9D,GSZ-9D GS-7D,GSZ-7D GS-5D,GSZ-5D
GLUE ROLLER 350*2730mmL*2pcs 350*2130mmL*2pcs 350*1800mmL*2pcs
DOCTOR ROLLER 230*2730mmL*2pcs 230*2130mmL*2pcs 230*1800mmL*2pcs
MOTOR FOR ALL ROLLER DRIVING 5.5kw*1pc 5.5kw*1pc 3.7kw*1pc
MOTOR FOR OUTFEED CONVEYOR 1.5kw*1pc 1.5kw*1pc 1.5kw*1pc
Custom machine specifications are available.
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