Durability of Particleboard and Fiberboard

Durability of Particleboard and Fiberboard

Durability of particleboard and fiberboard is the ability of particleboard and fiberboard to maintain their original performance under natural conditions.

The durability of particleboard and fiberboard is reflected in the changes of wood properties and adhesive properties, and the latter is the main aspect. Under the harsh weather conditions for a long time, the adhesive layer is prone to aging, and will gradually lose the bonding strength and shorten the service life of particleboard and fiberboard. Therefore, as outdoor particleboard and fiberboard, it is better to choose phenolic resin particleboard and fiberboard with good weather resistance.

Durability test should be carried out under natural environment conditions, so that the specimen can experience the long-term cyclical effect of spring, summer, autumn and winter, wind, sun, rain and freezing. This process usually takes several years or even longer, which is actually inconvenient to implement. Therefore, rapid durability test can be used. That is to say, the periodic action of the board is carried out in indoor under severe conditions higher than nature, such as high temperature and humidity, strong illumination, immersion and high temperature drying, and low temperature freezing, so that the results can be obtained in a few days to dozens of days instead of long durability test. Rapid Durability Test Method for Particleboard in Germany, France and the United States.

Note: DIN is German Industrial Standard; NF is French Standard; ASTM is American Society of Tests and Materials Standard.

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