Dyed wood skin, give home infinite creativity!

Dyed wood skin, give home infinite creativity!

Wood veneer is a good facing material,

Among them, the Dyed Veneer depends on infinite

Creativity is favored by the market.

dyed veneers

It means a very beautiful and delicate board,

Using high-tech processing technology,

After coloring and defect treatment of natural wood

And a new decorative material is made,

It is commonly known as dyed wood in China.

The veneer made of dyed wood is called Dyed Veneer.

Through the technology of dyeing,

It can overcome the color difference of logs and make the color of veneer uniform,

At the same time, it can highlight the texture of wood,

And shadow, tumor, eye and other natural characteristics.

The greatest value of wood dyeing lies in its unlimited creative potential.

Through different cutting methods and dyeing processes,

The dyed veneer can almost deduce tens of thousands of possibilities.

The dyed veneer can be

Change the color without changing the texture of the natural wood skin,

At the same time, the diversity of colors enriches the color imagination space of designers,

It improves the use value of the veneer itself,

It adds a lot of color to the living environment.

Advantages of Dyed Veneer

1. Natural texture: the natural wood skin is dyed, so it retains the original natural touch and texture of the natural wood and is more ornamental.

2. Surface zero defect: after the processing of Dyed Veneer, all the original defects of natural wood disappear. In the process of processing, the inevitable natural defects such as wormholes and scabs of natural wood are removed to make the surface smoother and more comfortable.

3. Green environmental protection: not only in the process of processing, but also in strict accordance with the requirements of the relevant national formaldehyde emission standards for production inspection, green and more environmental protection.

To sum up, the Dyed Veneer has a natural beauty, a strong sense of three-dimensional, artistic sense, with the saying of “from nature, better than nature”, and can even restore a variety of rare wood, which can better meet the needs of different customers.

One of the biggest application areas of veneer is home decoration.

In order to pursue beautiful appearance, convenient production

Stable performance, cost control and other home decoration manufacturing effects,

A lot of wood skin is used,

And its effect has been brought into full play.

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