Edgebanding Quality Assurance and Inspection Grading


Wood Veneer Edgebanding
Edgebanding is produced by joining individual pieces of veneer together into a continuous master roll by finger-jointing the veneer. The rolls are laminated with fleece, then sanded and slit to finished widths. Three types of FormEdge veneer edgebanding are available: non-glued, preglued, and prefinished.

  • Automatic (Non-Glued) Fleece Backed Edgebanding – 7/8″ x 500′ rolls with a thickness of .022″ sanded to 180 grit.
  • Pre-glued Fleece Backed Veneer Edgebanding – 13/16″ x 250′ rolls with a thickness of .034″ (based on .012 of hot melt) sanded to 180 grit.
  • Pre-finished Automatic (Non-Glued) Veneer Edgebanding – 7/8″ x 500′ rolls with a thickness of .020″. Standard “satin” finish clear coat with 1.5 mils in coverage. Three species (Maple, Cherry, Red Oak) are available.

Alder, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, Sapele, and Walnut edgebanding are readily available in our branches in pre-glued and non-glued. Other species and pre-finished are available through our efficient special order quick-ship program.

Polyester/PVC Edgebanding
Colored polyester/PVC edgebanding is produced pre-glued and automatic (non-glued) and available in rolls to match the majority of the standard melamine colors. Special orders for non-traditional colors can be accommodated. Polyester/PVC edgebanding provides that finished look to institutional casework and European styled cabinetry.

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