Effect of Moisture on LVL Pedal and Moisture-proof Method

Effect of Moisture on LVL Pedal and Moisture-proof Method

In the process of using LVL pedal, if we encounter moisture intrusion, the quality of LVL pedal will be affected to a certain extent. Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge.

LVL Footplate Manufacturer

Wood hygroscopicity lag phenomenon, and then add the coating protection layer on the surface of wood products, so the moisture content of wood products caused by changes in climatic conditions is less than the fluctuation range of equilibrium moisture content, so the final moisture content of wood is generally lower than the equilibrium moisture content in use. In addition, wood products will swell and shrink due to the change of atmospheric humidity, which will affect the shape and size of wood products.

LVL pedal manufacturer said that because of the hot weather and more rain in summer, LVL pedal application is easy to absorb moisture in the air, resulting in expansion and damage of the board, so in the application of LVL pedal in summer, we must pay attention to moisture-proof.

In the application of LVL pedal, it is necessary to add a waterproof mat to the part which is easy to absorb water or to do a good job of sealing measures. For furniture made from LVL pedals close to bathroom walls or exterior walls, it is better to set ventilation distance. In clear wet weather, you can use a soft dry rag to wipe the fog condensed on it and keep the room well ventilated. If the effect is not good, charcoal can also be used to absorb the water in the room, and other methods of dehumidification to maintain indoor dryness.

LVL pedal manufacturer said that the humid climate in summer is not conducive to the storage and use of poplar LVL pedal, so whether in processing or in use, we should do a good job of product moisture-proof treatment, so as to ensure the application performance of LVL pedal is good.

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