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Elastic modulus testing equipment:

According to the detection principle, there are three kinds of elastic modulus detection equipment: first, the elastic modulus detection equipment based on vibration method is mainly composed of force hammer (with force sensor installed on the head), acceleration sensor, charge amplifier, four channel multifunctional analyzer, etc. One end of the sample is fixed and one end is free. It can be seen from the first five mode shape function diagram lines of the cantilever beam that the free end is not a node, and the acceleration sensor can be fixed at the free end with paraffin. When the hammer strikes the sample (the striking part is close to the fixed end), the signals generated by the force sensor and acceleration sensor on the hammer enter the four channel multi-function analyzer through the charge amplifier, and the frequency response function analysis and modal analysis are carried out to obtain the natural frequency of the sample. The strength of the test piece is calculated according to the detected frequency information. Relevant scholars have established the relationship between vibration and elastic modulus, bending strength and hardness by using the vibration method. Secondly, the elastic modulus testing equipment based on ultrasonic wave is mainly composed of acoustic transmitter, acoustic receiver and ultrasonic tester. The ultrasonic generated sound pulse enters the tested material, passes through, reflects and attenuates, and is collected by the sensor at the other end. Different signal parameters are extracted and processed to predict the material properties. Different ultrasonic parameters (propagation time, propagation speed, energy peak, frequency) can be used to detect the elastic modulus, surface defects, structural material decay degree and so on. Thirdly, the elastic modulus testing equipment based on stress wave is mainly composed of small hammer, acceleration sensor, stress wave tester, computer software, etc. The device calculates the elastic modulus of the specimen by measuring the transmission speed of the stress wave in the specimen and combining the density of the specimen.

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