Elements of judging the quality of wooden doors

Elements of judging the quality of wooden doors

Look at the appearance: there are several places to check carefully when purchasing wooden doors, including color, details, texture, etc. The wood doors with better quality are better painted, and the color of the door panel looks more even and natural; the materials of the door panel are better, the hand feel is fine and smooth, and the overall feeling is even and beautiful; the doors with qualified workmanship have symmetrical appearance, no deformation and correct inlay.

Second, quality inspection: when purchasing wooden doors, first check whether the wooden doors have the quality certificate issued by the state. In particular, the high-grade wooden doors, in addition to the quality certificate, are also attached with a detailed description of materials, structure, quality and performance. Wooden doors complying with the national environmental protection regulations must be attached with the certification of Chinese environmental mark products. The environmental protection wooden door must bear the green ten ring sign of Chinese environmental sign. When purchasing, we must recognize these two signs and avoid purchasing substandard and inferior products.

Three smell: through smell, we can preliminarily identify whether the wooden door meets the environmental protection requirements. Open the closed door first, or smell the wood door at a close distance. If there is an irritant smell, even if you feel dry eyes, tears or sneezing, it means that the formaldehyde emission of wood door is high, so you should carefully choose.

Fourth, materials: common wood door materials on the market include walnut, Fraxinus, sabili, white oak, rosewood, teak, etc. When purchasing, we need to distinguish the color, texture, texture and other aspects according to different materials, so as to avoid inferior products.

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