ELLIOTIS C+/C CE4 Inspection and QC checklist

ELLIOTIS C+/C CE4 Inspection and QC checklist

Defects Face Back
Knots and Knotholes Repaired, Up to 90mm in width No limitation
Splits Repaired, Up to 25mm in width Up to 25mm in width
Finishing Touch sanded Rough


Essential characteristics Declared performance Technical Specification
Release of formaldehyde E1 EN 13986 Annex B Note 2
Bond quality Class 3 (phenolic) EN 314-1/2 Type testing
Dimensional tolerances Declared performance Technical Specification
Squareness +/- 1.0 mm/m EN 315 / EN 324-2
Straigthness +/- 1.0 mm/m
Length and width +0 / -3.0mm EN 315 / EN 324-1
9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 21mm 24mm 27mm 30mm
Maximum average of 8 points 9,8 12,8 15,8 18,8 21,8 24,8 27,8 30,8
Minimum average of 8 points 8,2 11,2 14,2 17,2 19,2 22,8 26,8 28,2


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