Engineering Wood TJI I-beam, Wood I-beam TJI, I-beam grille

Engineering Wood TJI I-beam, Wood I-beam TJI, I-beam grille, Canadian imported I-beam TJI. TJI I-beam imported from Canada is a kind of I-shaped wood material. The I-beam is made of imported LVL veneer plywood and OSB board in the middle. Its length can be 12 meters and its height can be 241, 302, 356 and 406. The height of I-beam can be selected according to its span and load capacity. This material is generally used for the span beam of large wooden structure houses. The products like I-beams are LVL veneer plywood imported from Canada, PSL parallel veneer plywood, which can reach 12 meters in length, and its bearing capacity can also be used for large-scale wooden houses and wooden villas span beams. LSL laminated wood chips plywood.

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