Equipment for producing melamine impregnated paper

Equipment for producing melamine impregnated paper:

Mainly for: impregnated paper production line (small-scale rational configuration of two to three); heat carrier boiler; main supporting: reaction kettle; forklift; steam generator; mixing facilities and so on.

Raw materials (mainly paper and glue): Glue-making materials mainly include melamine, formaldehyde, urea and so on. The production line needs decorative base paper (which can be printed paper or plain paper) and so on.

Melamine impregnated paper technology is not very complex, but really to do well is not easy, and depends on your product grade to determine your process system.

The total investment of one line is about (excluding workshop). The production line (taking eight ovens on four-foot line as an example) is between 600,000 and 700,000; the boiler with heat conducting oil is about 200,000; the reactor (2) is about 60,000; the forklift truck is about 70,000; and the supporting equipment is about 200,000.

The total investment is about 1.2 million, of which all kinds of equipment are mid-range configuration. (If you plan to make high-end products, you can consider increasing equipment investment appropriately.)

In addition, we must consider the liquidity, impregnated paper industry, many materials can not owe much, but the finished product will have a relatively long collection period.

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