Excellent Characteristics of Birch Veneer

Excellent Characteristics of Birch Veneer

In recent years, more and more people began to choose birch veneer, which has become an important material for home decoration. The advantages of birch veneer itself mainly come from birch as raw material. Now let’s get to know the birch veneer through birch wood.

Birch is commonly used in special plywood, flooring, furniture, pulp, interior decorative materials, vehicle and ship equipment, plywood and so on. It is also often used in the production of structure, inlaid wood joinery and interior frame. Birch wood is light brown to reddish brown with smooth and shiny surface mechanism. Birch itself is yellowish-white and slightly brown, and the ring is obvious, its structure is thin and the body is pure and fine. In terms of hardness and strength, it is slightly hard, with high mechanical strength and elasticity. Because of its hygroscopicity, it is easy to crack and warp in drying. Not very durable in environments susceptible to corrosion.

Usually birch is mostly used in the form of splints, such as birch veneer is a way of use. Birch veneer has many excellent characteristics, is our preferred home decoration.

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