Experience of visiting plywood factory in Vietnam

Experience of visiting plywood factory in Vietnam

1. Company profile

Hanoi plywood factory wood based panel Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with more than 30 years of professional production history of wood-based panel products. The enterprise began to implement the ISO90012000 standard in 2003, and obtained the certificate through the audit of the certification center in February 2004. The company adheres to the talent management concept of “people-oriented, gathering elites”, adheres to the quality policy of “xinhanoi plywood factory is dedicated to customers, develops innovation and strives for market, strives for excellence and creates famous brand, and strives for continuous improvement and development”, focuses on meeting customers’ needs, and is brave to develop and innovate. After years of specialized market operation, a series of products have been formed with an annual production capacity of 200 million pieces. Since 2002, the company’s economic index has increased by 20% every year, which has become one of the top ten enterprises in the wood-based panel industry in China.

2. Visit process

Manager Wang took us to visit the company’s technical workshop and production and processing workshop. In the technical workshop, we visited the general instrument room, smart instrument room, product testing room, sample observation room, etc. Manager Wang specially emphasized the sample observation room. All products produced by the company should be sampled by batch, and the samples should be kept here for three years. Check the change of products during the warranty period, and if there is any problem, it is also convenient for detection and research.

2.1 production process of wood-based panel

3. Experience

Just a few hours to visit and study, but let my brain think for a few days. Some people may say that they have abundant funds and large investment in hardware construction. On the one hand, standardized construction and first-class construction cannot be separated from funds, but funds do not fall from the sky. What supports them is a kind of spirit. To melt this spirit into enterprise culture construction, safety production management, operation management, equipment maintenance management and other aspects, we must rely on scientific management

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