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Explore factory: enter Xuzhou Huifeng home smart furniture manufacturing factory

Explore factory: enter Xuzhou Huifeng home smart furniture manufacturing factory

Furniture production is a typical labor-intensive industry, and the quality of products depends heavily on the technical proficiency of workers. Xuzhou HSBC’s production workshop has nearly 2000 square meters of orders every day, and each order has 3-4 different plate colors, including substrate, thickness and other data. The processing process also involves a series of data such as edge banding in the same color and hole position embedding. In the face of such a huge amount of data, Xuzhou HSBC wardrobe manufacturing center realizes that digital transformation and upgrading is an inevitable choice to stabilize product quality while improving production efficiency.

The director of Xuzhou HSBC cabinet No. 8 Workshop said: “digitalization is more like a tool, which can improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and save costs.” In the German 4.0 factory of Xuzhou HSBC home, we have intelligent equipment such as intelligent five axis robot arm and Italy bias intelligent edge banding U-shaped wire. Every day, 800 square meters of plates will be produced. The workload that used to take about 11 hours to complete production and manufacturing can now be completed in only 7.5 hours, which realizes a high integration of customization, scale and speed. Moreover, the edge sealing process has reached the same model and color as the surface of the plate perfectly, without glue overflow, and the drilling process is regular and burr free.

From the guidance of big home strategy to the focus of the industry,   With digital and intelligent transformation as the traction, it will greatly expand the space of the manufacturing industry and drive the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. At present, kujiale has received more than 2000 works uploaded by designers, which has become one of the sources of inspiration for designers across the country. It also enables customers to see the renderings more intuitively, and what they see is what they get, which greatly improves the marketing success rate. Xuzhou HSBC home keeps improving the consumer experience by continuously improving the automation and intelligent software enabled terminals in all aspects of sales, production and service, shortening the production cycle, improving the production capacity, ensuring the order delivery capacity and quality.

Xuzhou HSBC home integrates raw materials, R & D and design, intelligent manufacturing and other resource elements to develop a new business form and mode of “big home”. Xuzhou HSBC home will focus on “integration, intelligence, high-end and ecology”, and enter a new journey with a higher vision, a higher starting point, a higher standard and a higher effect. Provide one-stop services for consumers, create smart and beautiful homes, and help the industry move towards new development.

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