Expose the liar! Surplus money fraud

Expose the liar! Surplus money fraud

Recently, in the Wechat Friendship Circle and Foreign Trade Forum of the great gods of foreign trade, a new foreign trade scam that has not been solved up to now has been repeatedly exposed.

This scam belongs to a multi-party cooperative gang. At first, it will not show any clues. So today, we will split the scam one by one. I hope you can see the trap and avoid unnecessary losses in the future! ___________

Specific ways of committing crimes

One of the cheaters approached the foreign trade enterprise as a purchaser, making inquiries, placing orders and making payments. At this time, all processes are normal, but when paying, there will often be a situation of overpayment, usually several times higher than the value of the shipment, and payment from another account to your account.

This is the first hidden danger that needs special attention. Many foreign trade enterprises tend to overlook this point when collecting money, thinking that as long as the money arrives, they will have a good rest. In fact, this kind of money from third-party accounts, often there are great risks.

The fraudster purchaser will start to make excuses immediately after he has made excess payment. For example, his supplier in China does not have a US dollar account and needs to be transferred through you. Then, it’s logical to ask you to transfer the balance of the payment to another account (the supplier account in his mouth is actually another fraudster’s account).

China is a personal society. With the aim of developing long-term business and the established “revolutionary” feelings, many foreign trade enterprises will be very happy to help this “small favor”.

So far, the scam is about to show its ferocious face. When your goods are withdrawn by the fraudster purchaser, the balance you make and the other account is received, another fraudster will jump out (usually the owner of the account that calls you for the money) and report the case, because he was deceived, and the money was sent to your account.

By this time the fraudulent buyer you bought had disappeared. All that’s left is evidence that the money came in from a third-party account, and the fact that you’re accused of fraud. You will face endless trouble unless you return all your money.

The defrauder’s wise means make the foreign trade enterprises fall into passivity. What’s worse is that this kind of deception has no solution at present and can only be avoided by prevention.

Recently, there has been a case of fraud in Hong Kong. By using the different laws between Hong Kong and the Mainland, fraudsters have made the deceived enterprises suffer terribly.

Real case

In August, Mr. Wang met a black man from South Africa. The other side took a good view of the cookers made by Mr. Wang’s company and ordered them quickly. Then I notified my superior (note that the other person who paid for the purchase) that I paid $100,000 to the company account of Manager Wang in Hong Kong, but the real value of the goods was less than $10,000 (the higher, the more compensation the foreign trade enterprises would get if they were fooled).

At this time, the black friend said that his other mainland supplier did not have a US dollar account and asked Manager Wang to convert it into RMB to pay for it. At that time, Manager Wang promised to transfer more than 560,000 yuan to his designated account (excuse transfer of surplus money) because he was willing to take orders.

When the money was transferred, another cheater went to Hong Kong to report that the money was transferred to Manager Wang’s account because he was cheated. Then the police closed the account of Manager Wang and charged him with fraud, but the black cheaters in South Africa had disappeared.

When the fraud showed its true face, the manager Wang went to the police. Mainland police said, “The origin of the case is Hong Kong, so we should go to Hong Kong to report it to the police”. But when Manager Wang went to Hong Kong to deal with it, he was controlled as a criminal suspect because it was a fraudster’s first report. Manager Wang, who came out on bail, will report to Hong Kong every month until he returns the money to the cheater.

Foreign trade has a long way to go.

All kinds of cheaters are popular.

Foreign businessmen must always have a twelve-point spirit.

Only in this way can unnecessary losses be avoided.

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