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Name: F-17 Formply

F rating: F-17 stress graded in accordance with AS/NZS– 2269.AS6669

Adhesive: Exterior Grade. Phenolic A Bond’ (WBP) (Water Boil-Proof adhesive)

Formaldehyde Emissions: E0 

Quality control: BSI Benchmark certification, ID: BMP605671 & BMP605672 

Core: all plies are made with Australian/ New Zealand pine and eucalyptus core with a harvesting license.

Film face: Paper in black color, weight: 80g/m2.

Edge: Edges are painted in grey (color is optional) including certified Silicon ply edge paint to make sure the products airtight.

Size & Weight:

Sheet size: 1800x1200mm
Thickness: 17mm- 11 plies

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