Factors Influencing Tensile Strength of Particleboard Surface

Factors Influencing Tensile Strength of Particleboard Surface

Most panel furniture production is based on wood-based panels. Particleboard manufacturing process is relatively simple, the output is large, and the price is low. It is the main base material used in panel furniture production in China at present. However, with the low price competition in the panel furniture market, many panel furniture manufacturers use inferior materials to reduce costs to maximize profits, thus ignoring the product quality of panel furniture. This paper analyses the quality requirements of the base material in panel furniture production, and raises the quality of furniture products from the source of panel furniture production.

The quality of Particleboard in our country varies greatly. Generally speaking, the quality of particleboard products in enterprises with advanced equipment and good production management from abroad is better, and all the indexes can meet the national standards. However, the quality of particleboard products produced by small enterprises is poor, which is manifested in the poor shape of particleboard, the large amount of sizing, the swelling rate of water absorption thickness, the deviation of thickness and size, and the warpage of particleboard.

In addition, the veneer performance and edge sealing performance of particleboard are also poor. The low qualified rate of particleboard products is a common problem in the production of Particleboard in China. What is worrying is that the quality of particleboard furniture has not been paid enough attention because of the good market sales and the shortage of supply and demand in recent two years, which is the main reason for the poor quality of particleboard furniture products. Particleboard used in panel furniture production should be suitable for the production characteristics of panel furniture. Western developed countries divide particleboard into different types according to its use, and particleboard manufacturers can also provide special particleboard according to user requirements.

One of the main objectives of particleboard development in various parts of China is to make board furniture, and strive to be used after surface decoration and processing. Although the furniture industry as a particleboard user can not directly interfere with the production of particleboard manufacturers, it should have a thorough understanding of the quality requirements that particleboard should meet in the production of particleboard furniture, and put forward requirements for the performance of particleboard from the user’s point of view. Under market economy conditions, this feedback will produce positive results. The requirements for particleboard manufacturing enterprises in panel furniture production should mainly include the following aspects: thickness deviation, surface quality, surface tensile strength, static bending strength, creep deformation, dimensional stability, nail holding force, edge quality and formaldehyde emission.

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