FANCY Plywood Face Veneer quality control

1. Fancy veneers are sliced and peeled
on-site to ensure stringent control of
grade, quality and thickness.
2. Face veneers are sliced at 0.5mm+.
Thin faced panels are also available
through vendors specializing in this
3. Fancy veneers are conditioned by precision
calibrated dryers to provide faces with a
consistent moisture content. Veneers
undergo a second quality inspection for
overall veneer quality.
4. Precision guillotine prepares flitch
veneers for composing process.
5. Thick veneers are composed according
to Ply specifications using state
of the art European machine composers,
the exact same equipment found in the
highest end veneer facilities in the world.
6. The composed face veneers receive
final inspections for thickness, overall
quality and appearance before lay-up
on Ply cores.
7. Cores are now married up with the
selected veneer faces and inserted into
the multi-opening hot press for final
8. The laid-up panels receive a finish
sanding to 180 grit and higher before a
final inspection by our  Ply staff
to ensure grade, thickness tolerance,
and reject anything that does not meet
strict  Ply requirements.
9. Final Grading is done to meet or exceed
HPVA standards. Panels are rejected
here for warping and production defects
that do not meet  Ply’s high

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