Feedback report on quality accident of wood based panel plywood products in June 2021

Feedback report on quality accident of wood based panel plywood products

XXX purchasing department:

Your feedback is that our company’s wood-based panel plywood products have customer complaints about the quality problems of footprints and oil pollution on  the UV painting plywood surface. After receiving the feedback information, our company attached great importance to it and immediately held a meeting of workshop leaders and above to investigate and analyze the quality incident and draw up rectification measures.


In order to improve the quality level of wood-based panel plywood products and prevent the recurrence of problems, rectification will be carried out mainly from the following aspects:


1. Strengthen the management of the production process. From the operator’s visual inspection and packaging to the next process, the product can be released only after the quality inspector confirms that the product is qualified and the label containing the name of the person in charge of the visual inspector is clear. If there is any problem, the person in charge should correct or rework without working hours, and record the form as the basis for assessment, After the production of wood-based panel plywood, the unreasonable process of simply bagging and sending to the packing room for picking and packaging was changed. Control the quality at the source, clarify the responsibility of each process from production to storage, assign the responsibility to each person, and stop any work station from having problems.


2. Carry out ideological education and training for employees’ work attitude and quality awareness. Change the single solidification mode of meeting training, adopt diversified training, make a summary after class, and flexibly intersperse regular and irregular training. Install audio-visual education equipment in the company canteen, and play various training videos in a reasonable period of time. Start to create corporate culture, production of posters, posters posted in the appropriate area. Always remind every employee, “quality is the basis of survival, only good product quality can realize the value of labor, only in the development of the company can realize their own value.”.

35. After retrospection, the responsible staff and quality inspector of the shift were given administrative punishment, criticized and educated, and the person in charge of each relevant department made a written review.

This batch of wood-based panel plywood products were produced in the old workshop of the first workshop. Since April 2, 2021, the production and packaging of wood-based panel plywood has been moved to the new UV spray painting workshop of the second workshop, and the production environment has been greatly improved; In addition, the UV paint of the White Birch plywood has changed to the thick imported UV paint in the second half of last year. Through the use of the UV paint in the past half year, the quality of film has also been improved. We have been working hard, everything has been in a good direction!


Due to the imperfect management, we are sorry for the inconvenience!


Best regards!


Xxxxx Products Co., Ltd


June , XX, XX, XXX

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