Fengxian ,Xuzhou  to build “China’s capital of wood stairs”!

Fengxian ,Xuzhou  to build “China’s capital of wood stairs”!

January 11, 2022 source: Fengxian County https://www.wood365.cn/Industry/IndustryList_1_9.html

Stair industry is one of the traditional industries in Fengxian County, especially in Sunlou street. It has basically formed an industrial base integrating raw material supply, product R & D, design, processing and sales and woodworking culture. Since this year, Sunlou street has accelerated the construction of stair Industrial Park, and the 82000 square meter standard plant in phase II has been completed and put into use.

Fengxian to build “China’s capital of stairs”!

Walking into phase II of Fengxian · China staircase Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, 7 standard plants with industrial sense stand in the sun on both sides of the flat and wide road. In the coating center, workers and masters are debugging the equipment. It is understood that the supporting projects such as roads and greening in the park have been completed. Introduction by Shen Jian, director of the Management Committee of China staircase Industrial Park, Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province: “Seven workshops in the second phase of the staircase Industrial Park have been completed and put into use. Technical supporting facilities such as spraying center and R & D center have been prepared to vigorously promote the technical upgrading of staircase products, improve the added value of products, drive the better development of downstream small and medium-sized enterprises and enhance the overall image of the staircase Industrial Park.”

Fengxian to build “China’s capital of stairs”!

It is understood that Sunlou Street adheres to the road of brand leading industrial development, issues preferential policies, and focuses on attracting large and strong. Combined with the actual development of the stair industry, it has issued a “package” policy for the stair industry to help enterprises solve problems such as landing, construction, technology and talents, attract a number of brand enterprises to settle in the industrial park and form a brand superposition effect, Drive the continuous development and growth of stair industry. At present, all the enterprises attracting investment in phase II of the park have settled in, including Xinbu staircase, the first brand of stairs in Huaihai Economic Zone, spruce high-end customized home project, meibu staircase, the first brand of stairs in China, and high-end customized home together with the top ten home partners in China. The settled and put into operation of well-known enterprises has brought more orders and more profits to local stair accessories enterprises, Promote the accelerated development of stair industry in Fengxian County and increase people’s income and wealth.

Fengxian to build “China’s capital of stairs”!

Yunguanshan smart home Co., Ltd. officially settled in the park in October this year. The person in charge of the enterprise told reporters that the scale of entering the park has doubled. After it is officially put into operation, it can produce 100000 sets of packaged solid wood furniture, stairs and panel furniture, with an annual output value of 130 million yuan. Feng county’s strong industrial foundation makes him full of confidence in the development of the enterprise.

Xi XinPan, general manager of yunguanshan smart home Co., Ltd., said: “From the original single fight to the current government support, as well as our local raw material supply and logistics, it is very convenient. Now the foundation of wood products technical talents is very good, which can effectively carry out production and R & D. after the new plant is put into use, it can consume about 100000 m3 of local wood products raw material supply, driving about 200 employed people, which is relatively basic in Fengxian wood products industry On a complete basis, enterprises can better upgrade their products and achieve more effective and long-term development. ”

Fengxian to build “China’s capital of stairs”!

As one of the pillar industries of Sunlou street, the stair industry now has more than 600 production enterprises of household board, customized household and solid wood stairs, complete upstream and downstream supply chains of products, and has formed the largest stair supporting production base in China. Sunlou Street will continue to firmly follow the decision-making and deployment of the county Party committee and government, attract more well-known brands to settle in the park with high-quality and efficient services, and expand and strengthen the business card of “capital of stairs in China”.

Liu liaokuo, director of the working committee of the people’s Congress of Sunlou street, said: “next, we plan to promote the construction of four centers: cooking, drying, spraying and R & D. at present, the spraying center is installing and debugging equipment, and the R & D center has been completed. Next, Sunlou Street will continue to work around the development strategy of” building a county with industry and strengthening the county with industry “to continuously optimize the business environment, Create a better environment for high-quality enterprises to settle down, put into operation and grow. ”

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