Fifteenth China (Shanghai) International Wood Custom Home Exhibition, 2019

Fifteenth China (Shanghai) International Wood Custom Home Exhibition, 2019

2019 Shanghai International Green Wood Industry Exhibition

At the same time, the 2nd China (Shanghai) International Green Wood Exposition will be held in 2019.

Expo Contact: Bijing (Manager) Mobile Phone/Wechat 137 6191 3790

Exhibition time: 17-19 July 2019

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai)

Exhibition scale: 100000 square meters

Organizer: China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association

Organizer: Global Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition introduction

“Provide the overall solution of the wood industry in an all-round way”. From July 17 to July 19, the 15th China (Shanghai) International Whole Wood Custom Home Fair, with several brand exhibitions, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai). The exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, the gathering of 10,000 businessmen, dozens of thematic forums and symposiums, focusing on domestic and foreign trades in various fields of brand enterprises, the products displayed also cover the upper and lower end of the timber industry chain, will bring unlimited business opportunities to all types of businessmen and audiences, the scene will be brilliant! In 2019, the exhibition will form a point-to-face diffusion effect through convention-led exhibition, attract the whole society to pay close attention to the current situation and trend of wood industry development, and play an important role in defining the green development planning in the 13th Five-Year Plan, implementing policies and measures, and strengthening technical support.

The 15th China (Shanghai) International Whole Wood Custom Home Fair in 2019 will once again usher in a new opportunity for integrated growth. At the same time, the International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo 2019 will be held. It will integrate existing resources, re-establish and create “innovative, safe and beautiful ecology”. The exhibition will promote new technologies and new technologies of the wood industry around publicizing the concept, technology and experience of the green wood industry. The purpose is to apply products, new materials and new processes. In line with the development trend of green, ecological, healthy and comfortable building materials, we should firmly grasp the new strategic opportunities for the construction of ecological civilization and green development in our country, and let innovative products and technologies win the wider market and channel resources of the whole country and the world face to face with the market for the first time.

F Publicity Mode

Sharing 100,000 high-quality buyer resources and 100+10,000 yuan of high propaganda investment for Green Construction Expo;

_80 + Domestic and foreign cooperative media: covering industry media and economic mass media in the fields of architecture, comfort system, real estate, home, interior decoration, etc.

_500 + issue print advertisement + online banner advertisement; more than 300,000 words news release landed in major industry network media and impurity media;

_100,000 invitations to audiences are sent to domestic brands, purchasers, channel providers, partners, key customers and media in stages.

_30 e-mails effectively stimulate 200,000 target audiences; 100,000 telephone calls directly invite target audiences;

Continuous publicity from the media (Weixin, official website, etc.) for 365 days throughout the year

F Last Review

The last exhibition attracted 1181 building materials enterprises from dozens of countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Britain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and so on. The exhibition covers 10 pavilions with a scale of 100,000 square meters. Among them, 917 domestic exhibitors, 264 foreign exhibitors and more than 50 thematic forums and product introductions attracted hundreds of media reports.

F Exhibits Range

Log boards: logs, sawn timber, Russian timber, Canadian timber, European timber, North American timber, African timber, South American timber, Southeast Asian timber, New Australian timber and various preservative timber, laminated timber, sawn timber, carbonized wood, wood lines, wood work, etc.

Whole wood customization: customized wood products such as home, whole wood furniture, wardrobes, indoor wooden doors, wooden windows, wooden cabinets, kitchen appliances, bookcases, wine cabinets, wine cellars, cloakrooms, bathrooms, background walls, shoe cabinets, custom furniture, wooden ceiling, wooden wardrobes, wooden furniture, mahogany furniture, wooden staircases, solid wooden mosaics, wooden partitions, wooden screens, wooden wallboards, doors, panels, panels, etc. Desk, etc.

Artificial board: pine board, particleboard, zero formaldehyde environmental protection board, wheat straw artificial board, plywood, eco-board, blockboard/large core board, density board/fiberboard, melamine board, chipboard, wood silk board, sound-absorbing board, decorative panel, furniture board, fire-retardant board, laminated wood (LVL), floor base material, laminated wood, plastic, wood-based panel, etc.

Wood doors: solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, moulded doors, bamboo doors, etc.

Wood bark: scientific and technological wood bark, thin wood chips, natural/wood bark, floor wood bark, dyed wood bark, etc.

Wood flooring: solid wood flooring, reinforced flooring, solid wood composite flooring, cork flooring, outdoor flooring and other flooring;

Wood chemicals: preservatives, flame retardants, adhesives, dryers, dyes, wood coatings, board additives, resin adhesives, wood wax oil, insect repellents, modifiers and other wood ingredients and accessories;

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