Film faced plywood formwork of Wood Work Beam

Film faced plywood formwork of Wood Work Beam

1. Straight Template

The straight formwork is a composite system of panel, wooden beam and steel back corrugation. The panel and the wooden beam are fixed by self-tapping nails, and the wooden beam and the steel back corrugation are connected by wooden beam connecting claws. It is convenient to assemble, dismantle and refit on site. After assembly, it is light in weight, convenient in construction and transshipment, and environmentally friendly in construction.

The panel is made of wood plywood, which has superior performance, smooth and smooth surface, good water absorption and air permeability, and is not easy to pollute the pouring surface.

Template assembly tool

Template assembly process

Step 1: First, two wooden beams or squares are laid on the ground, and then steel back corrugates are discharged according to the design spacing.

The second step is to fix the wooden beam on the steel back corrugation with the wooden beam connecting claw. Step 3: Install hooks on wooden beams that need to be hoisted.

Step 4: Install the panel with self-tapping nails.

Fifth step: Fixed the end timber square on both sides of the timber beam to connect the composite system into a whole.

Step 6: Lastly, use the grey knife to wipe the holes left by the nails one by one on the flat board.

Template storage:

The assembled template is coded as shown in the following figure. In storage, use and transportation, panels and wooden beams should avoid collision with hard objects to avoid damage to the formwork, and at the same time to prevent rain and sun exposure.

2. Adjustable arc template

Adjustable arc formwork is suitable for concrete pouring of arc wall or column.

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