Film :Film-coated paper

Film :Film-coated paper

Film-coated paper is widely used in building formwork production such as film faced plywood,HDO ,MDO ,PP Film faced plywood . Film-coated paper and man-made board are hot-pressed and formed into building formwork. It is beautiful and has obvious advantages: making the surface of building membranes smooth and smooth; the membrane board will not cause any pollution to the building; it can strictly limit the amount of harmful gases; wear resistance and pressure resistance; waterproof paint greatly prolongs the service life of the membrane board.

Film-coated paper is divided into black film-coated paper and brown film-coated paper. The film-coated board produced by the film-coated paper enables the template to be repeatedly constructed inside and outside the building. The phenolic resin film attached to its surface has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, smooth surface and easy to use, thus avoiding secondary plastering and greatly shortening the construction period. This kind of cladding board is widely used in shear walls, dams, tunnels and so on. It has broad prospects for development.

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