Film : How to Store the film of the Building Formwork plywood

How to Store the film of the Building Formwork plywood

Here ,the film of film faced plywood is also called building formwork paper .

With the rise of green building industry, building formwork paper has been widely used in the construction industry. It can not only make the building surface smooth, but also prolong the service life of building formwork. How to better store has become a major focus of use.

Firstly, building formwork paper should be coated with oil before long-term storage, stacked neatly and covered with raincloth; secondly, it should avoid sunshine, otherwise it is easy to deform and aging; finally, in the use process, attention should be paid to avoid scratches, bruises, falls on the surface, etc., to ensure the integrity of the shape and surface of building formwork and multi-layer plywood .

Correct storage method will not only prolong the service life of building formwork paper, but also reduce many unnecessary troubles in industrial production and construction engineering.

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