Film: Interpretation of folding factors of  building coated film paper

Film: Interpretation of folding factors of  building coated film paper

Here construction coated paper is Film of film faced plywood .

As a necessary building material in the construction industry, construction coated paper is not only used frequently, but also plays a huge role. But some common problems will inevitably arise in the use process, such as folding phenomenon, which is a major problem that perplexes the use of coated paper. What are the factors causing its folding?

The wrinkles of construction coated paper may be caused by the excessive force of paper immersed in rubber trough or the excessive tension of paper in dryer, or by the inappropriate volatile content of paper from the first dryer to the mesh roll, or by the strong braking of Uncoiler and the incorrect position of guide roll in the production process.

It can be seen from the above that most of the reasons for the folds in the construction coated paper are caused by carelessness in the production process. For this reason, production operators in the production process can greatly avoid the occurrence of folds because of carefulness.

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