Film: List of types of Film faced plywood building formwork paper

Film: List of types of Film faced plywood building formwork paper

List of types of building formwork plywood film coated paper

Architectural formwork film coated paper is an indispensable material in the construction process. Selecting good construction formwork paper has an important impact on the construction efficiency and effect of the project. So before we choose the building formwork, we should first have a detailed understanding of its type in order to select a more suitable building formwork paper.

1. Bamboo plywood can be divided into thick curtain and thin curtain. Thin curtain is the superior advantage: high strength, relatively more times of use; concrete surface has bamboo mat printing, which can not save secondary plastering, high price and large one-time investment.

2.Film faced plywood, red film faced plywod, black film faced plywood, Brown clad board and other advantages: high-quality template smooth and smooth, completely eliminating secondary plastering, low price, small one-time investment, easy construction. Disadvantage: Relatively less use.


3. Plastic formwork plywood, not popular, temperature sensitive, too cold and too hot can not, heat has been a problem.


Everyone should choose appropriate building formwork and construction formwork paper according to their own needs.

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