Film :  Use of Building Film Covering Paper

Film :  Use of Building Film Covering Paper

Use of Building Film Covering Paper

In recent years,film faced plywood and the Film construction coated paper is gradually known to people, especially in the construction industry has been widely used, but because the coated paper is operated by professional construction personnel, so users do not know much about the matters needing attention before using it.

The first point that users need to pay attention to is to ensure that the Film construction paper is fully dry and smooth before paving; the second point is to avoid sun exposure and rain after paving, in order to prevent accelerated fading; the last point is not to use a large amount of water in daily cleaning, but to use a vacuum cleaner or semi-dry cloth cleaning, in order to avoid expansion and deformation after blistering.

From the above sharing, we can see that we can not use the building film-coated paper at will and destroy it at will. We should also pay attention to the maintenance in daily use.

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