Find the right plywood knowledge from the exact categories

Find the right plywood knowledge from the exact categories

Last 15 years ,since the beginning of the blog ,hard for me to have a clear idea what is the goal of this blog ,just for writing and keep some experience like diary .

Fifteen years ago, the initial idea was to use this blog to record my plywood working experience. A lot of things are fragmentary records, like a diary, without systematic summary, without complete and planned steps, so everything looks chaotic and disorganized.

At the end of this 2018, or in this upcoming 2019, I have the courage to delete the records ( more than 3000 pieces of posts including all my plywood industry working experience)  of the past ten years and make them a good memory.

The new blog is that I use the knowledge I have learned in the past, summarize the plywood working experience, fail the lessons, systematically summarize the knowledge into each directory, so that readers have a clearer sense, easier to find the information they want to find.

The previous classification, too much repetition, the most terrible thing is that an article, no focus,  the blog have all the  classifications, but do not know which category the article really belongs to.

Now that everything is fine, an article will only belong to one category, up to two, no longer doubting the reader.
I hope that in the next 1-2 years, I can print these work experiences into a professional book in the plywood industry for more people to read.

如无特殊说明,文章均为本站原创,转载请注明出处。If there are no special instructions, the articles are original, if you want to use or reproduce, please indicate the original source,If you find that our articles infringe on your copyrights and interests, please email us at in time and we will delete it at the first time.

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