finnish birch Veneer

finnish birch  Plywood Veneer

Plywood veneer is our new product and we hope that our present and future clients will be satisfied with this product and we will achieve a lot in this field together!

At the moment we offer plywood veneer with a thickness of 1.00 mm and 1.50 mm but as a custom order we can also make different thicknesses required by the clients.

We can manufacture plywood veneer of various quality grades and different sizes.

Raw material


  • Legal status and exact location of logging can be confirmed by the documents. The documents will be provided by the Seller within 48 hours upon the Buyer’s request.
  • Not harvested in Intact Natural Forests or ohter geographically identified High Conservation Value Forests unless Athose have been certified by FSC FM standard.
  • Not from the logging operations engaged in forest related social conflicts.
  • Not from logging operations in tropical or sub-tropical regions converting natural forest to plantations or non-forest use.
  • Not from plantations of Generally Modified trees.
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