Fire Grade, Requirements for Fire Retardant Index of Fire Retardant Medium Density Board

Fire Grade, Requirements for Fire Retardant Index of Fire Retardant Medium Density Board

The performance of fireproof medium density board varies greatly with the variety of raw materials and manufacturing process.

1. According to the technical index of wood-based panels, their physical properties can be divided into three grades: first-class products, first-class products and qualified products.

2. According to GB8624-1997 “Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products”, it can be divided into: Class A non-combustible materials: Class A homogeneous materials and Class A composite (sandwich) materials; Class B combustible materials: Class B1 materials and Class B2 materials and Class B3 materials. According to GB8624-2006 Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products, it can be divided into A1, A2, B, C, D, E and F levels. According to GB8624-2012, it is divided into B1-B and B1-C grades.

3. According to GB11718-2009 Standard of Physical and Mechanical Properties of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Wood-based Panels and Wood-bamboo, the mechanical properties include: static bending strength, internal bonding strength, modulus of elasticity, screw holding force on board surface and edge; and physical properties include density, moisture content and swelling rate of water absorption thickness.

4. According to the GB18580-2001 standard of National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the chemical performance indicators are: formaldehyde emission level E, E1, E2, etc.

Fire-proof medium density boards, adhere to the national standards, only sell B1-B or B1-C grade fire-proof medium density boards. For B1 grade fire-proof medium density boards, customers are advised to choose C or B grade according to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security. If you want to know more about the testing standards, you are welcome to visit our website or call for consultation. We sincerely serve you!

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