Five grades of birch veneer

Five grades of birch veneer

Birch veneer is light brown to reddish brown, with shiny surface and smooth mechanism. Yellowish white slightly brownish, obvious rings, pure and thin wood body, slightly heavy and hard, fine structure, high mechanical strength, elasticity, high moisture absorption, easy to crack and warp when drying. It is not very durable in the environment prone to decay, and it is more used in the form of plywood.

Birch veneer is usually used for special plywood, flooring, furniture, pulp, vehicle and ship equipment, plywood, etc. The furniture is smooth and wear-resistant with clear patterns. Birch veneer is divided into grades. Next, I will introduce the grades of birch veneer to you.

The first-class plate, which is basically equivalent to the two sides clear and has no knot material, belongs to super-a;

The second grade plate with very few scars belongs to class A;

Third grade plate, with individual large scabs and a few small scabs, without tree core, equivalent to ab grade;

The fourth grade plate is clean on one side, with scabs and tree cores on the other side, equivalent to class BC;

There are defects on both sides of grade 5 plate, which belongs to grade C material.

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