Five key points to see if the MDF is good or not

Five key points to see if the MDF is good or not

Density board purchasing is a big problem for consumers. Although the appearance of density board is different, the difference will not be very big. If you simply look at the appearance, it is difficult to distinguish which is good density board and which is bad density board. In fact, it is very simple to distinguish the quality of the board.

I. Static Bending Strength

What is static strength? It is to measure whether the cabinet will deform or break. The higher the static strength, the stronger the ability to resist bending damage. It is related to the raw material and production technology. The static strength value of the raw material is lower when the age of the tree is too short. The static strength value of the tree is the best and the physical performance is the most stable when the age of the tree is 25-30 years. In addition, reasonable process can make the sheet structure stable and not easy to warp.

Formaldehyde emission

Glue is the source of formaldehyde. When the formaldehyde release reaches a certain concentration, it will cause obvious harm to people’s eyes, nose and respiratory system or make people sick. The application board of Weiye Pregnant and Infant Room adopts self-produced environmental glue, which completely avoids the harm of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene to human body from the source of production, while retaining the fragrance of natural logs, and it is the preferred brand of home decoration.

3. Water swelling rate

Because of the influence of air humidity, the thickness and length of the sheet will change, and warpage will occur. Water absorption and expansion rate is the index of “anti-moisture” of the sheet. Water absorption expansion rate is not only related to wood raw materials, but also directly affects the moisture-proof ability of the board surface protection, edge-sealing technology, whether there is spillage or not, whether it falls off, etc.

IV. Gripping Screw Force

The nail holding force of sheet metal refers to whether the nail is easy to fix the nail hole and loose and fall off after the nail enters the sheet metal. It is not easy to loosen, fall off, burst edge, abnormal sound and deformation when making furniture with good nail holding capacity. The strength of holding nails depends on the type of wood, moisture content, density, hardness, elasticity, texture direction, shape of nails, size of wood contact surface and production process.

5. Sheet appearance

High-quality board should be meticulous and uniform in material quality, beautiful wood grain, no glue opening, no bulging and stratification, in addition, the surface is smooth without obvious defects, no burrs, cracks, knuckles, skirts, resin capsules, planing knife marks, slot wormholes, glue penetration and surface pollution.

Plates play an important role in furniture and other industries. Consumers can use the above five points as the purchase criteria.

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