Flame retardant medium density board

Flame Retardant Medium Density Plate

Flame retardant medium density board is made of wood or other plant fibers as raw materials, and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives. In the spraying section, flame retardant was added to the production line as sizing agent to produce plates with density ranging from 500 to 880 kg/m.

Application of Flame Retardant Medium Density Plate

Flame retardant MDF has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties, and can be made into plates of different thickness. Therefore, it is widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction, interior decoration, shipbuilding, automobile lamp industry. Flammable MDF is a homogeneous porous material with good acoustic properties. It is a good material for making speakers, TV shells and musical instruments. In addition, it can also be used in ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wallboards, partitions, etc. instead of natural wood. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate, and is more economical than natural wood.

Flame-retardant panels play a role in restraining open fire and reducing heat in case of fire, so as to strive for time for escape. Therefore, we need to clarify a concept, flame retardant is not equal to not burning oh.

Flame Retardant Medium Density Plate

Characteristics of Flame Retardant Medium Density Plate

1. Uniform internal structure, moderate density, good dimensional stability and small deformation.

2. The physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, modulus of elasticity, nail holding force on the surface and edge of the board are superior to those of particleboard.

3. The surface is smooth and smooth, which is convenient for secondary processing. It can paste veneer, planing thin wood, paint paper and impregnated paper, and also can be directly used for painting and printing decoration.

4. Flame-retardant medium density board has a large width, and the thickness of the board can also be changed in the range of 2.0-35 mm. It can be produced according to different uses.

5. Good machinability. Sawing, drilling, tenoning, milling, sanding and other processing properties are similar to wood, and some are even better than wood.

6. Furniture parts which are easy to carve and milling into various shapes and shapes. The special-shaped edges processed can be painted directly without sealing edges.

7. Chemical agents such as waterproof agent, fire retardant agent and preservative can be added to the production process of flame retardant MDF to produce flame retardant MDF for special purposes.

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