Formica Compact inspection,quality control ,sourcing ,testing 

Formica Compact inspection,quality control ,sourcing ,testing

Formica® Compact is a high pressure structural laminate, built up from multiple layers of kraft paper to produce a laminate in thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm. It has a decorative face on both sides and is ideal for interior use in washroom cubicles or locker doors, wall panels or laboratory furniture. It is particularly suited to use in high humidity, high impact areas. With a weight of 14,5 kg/m2 (for 10mm thickness), Compact is impressively strong and damage resistant and has remarkable structural stability, requiring no substrate support in thicknesses over 6mm. Formica Compact is certified by the CE Mark to meet or exceed conformity with European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.


3660 x 1525


2mm to 20mm

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