Forming Technology of Blockboard

Forming Technology of Blockboard

1. Forming technology of one-time pressing

One-time pressing process is to manually pave or directly glue the core of the board, with the core of the glue-coated board and the panel, back board together into the blank directly into the press for pressing. The disadvantage is that A. Core plate quality affects flatness. B. The thickness deviation accumulated after pressing is large. C. The color difference of the core seriously affects the appearance of the product. D. The difference of core bar unit size and material quality has a great influence on the quality of sheet metal. A kind of

2. Pre-pressing Repair Secondary Hot-pressing Technology

The process of secondary hot pressing for pre-pressing repair is as follows: one-sided coating of core plate two-core plate and core group pre-pressing of slab repairing hot pressing repairing aging and setting sanding and thickness surface and back plate hot pressing. Advantages of this process: A. Repair and sanding greatly improve the smoothness. B. The slab after hot pressing is aged for two days and sanded again. The residual stress is released and the slab is more stable. C. Fixed thickness sanding ensures the surface smoothness and allowable thickness deviation. D. Improving the appearance quality of sheet metal. At present, this process is widely used in medium and large factories. The disadvantage is that the process is complex, occupies a large area, material loss and energy consumption is greater than that of the primary hot pressing process. A kind of

3. Pre-pressing Repair Primary Hot-pressing Technology

In view of the shortcomings of the secondary hot pressing process, a new pre-pressing and repairing primary hot pressing process has emerged. The brief process is as follows: slab pre-pressing repairing sanding and thickness fixing surface and backplane hot-pressing veneer. Requirements for raw materials and process parameters: A. Requirements for core board are relatively higher. The groove can not be deep, the hole must be repaired with veneer, putty ash can not be added, and the generation of seam separation must be strictly controlled. B. The initial strength of slab after pre-pressing is required to be high. There are special requirements for adhesives. One is to have high viscosity, the other is to have a longer active period. C. The process needs to be adjusted. The process material and process requirements are high.

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