Formwork Plywood Inspection and QC checklist

Formwork Plywood Inspection and QC checklist

Concrete Formwork Panels are manufactured primarily for use in forming concrete structures. Depending on the selected finish of the panel, concrete can be formed with a matte effect or a smooth effect.Tough plywood with smooth surface most suitable for different needs. It enables more repeated uses than conventional plywood and offers excellent fair-faced concrete finish.

The formwork plywood must be extremely strong, stiff and durable when you inspect them ,should consider all of these KEY FACTORS . 

High quality plywood to combine with  formwork systems. Suitable for many uses, offers great strength on construction sites and good quality concrete finishes

These formwork plywood panels are manufacturered with certified forest concessions and built with reuse in mind, ensuring an environmentally healthy product lifecycle.So ,when inspect these formwork plywood ,should check carefully the strength first .

The formwork panels range includes MDO, Film Face and Good 1 side and 2 sides .

Formwork plywood, otherwise known as formply, is a plywood made with a radiata pine core and Eucalyptus core ,poplar core with a hardwood veneer. Both hardwood veneers are faced with a high density overlay (HDO) resin impregnated finish, that is usually black in colour and very smooth. Formply is perfect for use in concrete formwork, and can be constantly reused.

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