Formwork is temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured. In the context of concrete construction, the falseworksupports the shuttering molds.

Formwork is a structure, usually temporary, used to contain poured concrete and to mould it to the required dimensions and support the concrete until it is able to support itself. Risks related to formwork and shoring can be fatal. … Unstable formwork and shoring can injure and even kill you and others working below it.

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Formwork comes in several types:

1.Traditional timber formwork.,

2.Engineered Formwork System.,

3.Re-usable plastic formwork.,

4.Permanent Insulated Formwork.,

5.Stay-In-Place structural formwork systems.,

6.Flexible formwork.,

Slab formwork (deck formwork)

1.Timber beam slab formwork,

2.Traditional slab formwork,

3.Metal beam slab formwork,

4.Modular slab formwork,

5.Table or flying form systems,


7.Tunnel forms,

Plastic concrete formwork for cross wall

Coal tunnel constructed using handset aluminum concrete forms

Concrete pool construction using aluminum concrete forms

Soffit formwork to a flight of concrete stairs

Stair formwork showing the use of strongbacks to support the riser shutters

Sketch showing the use timber props for beam forms

Coal silo construction using radius concrete formwork

Twin steel walers and tie bolts used to secure wall forms

Column poured using spiral ducting

Concrete slab poured on roll formed galvanized steel with the form as a permanent part of the structure

Concrete fence construction using ashlar stone aluminum concrete forms

Concrete housing construction in Venezuela using aluminum concrete formwork

Concrete construction in Brazil using handset aluminum concrete formwork

Concrete construction in Moscow metro using special aluminum concrete formwork

Engineered formwork system in Moscow metro

Engineered formwork system in Moscow metro

The concrete structure of the Royal National Theatre carries the impression of the timber shuttering

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