Four Factors Affecting the Quality of LVL Furniture Board

Four Factors Affecting the Quality of LVL Furniture Board

Nowadays, there are many kinds of board. Because LVL furniture board has unique advantages, it gradually replaces solid wood board and is widely used in all walks of life, such as furniture, architectural decoration and so on.

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Users buy LVL furniture panels, will buy high-quality panels, but there are some factors that will affect the quality of panels, which factors are the impact on the end?

1. Appearance, high-quality sheet surface should be stainless, scratch-free, indentation, foaming and other defects, once the defect occurs, it will affect the use effect, after all, good-looking is the absolute truth.

2. Adhesives are good or bad. In production, we need to use adhesives, which will release certain formaldehyde after use. Therefore, the quality of adhesives will directly affect the quality of sheets.

3. The level of formaldehyde content, most of the plates on the market can not reach this content, there is a great odor, so formaldehyde exceeds the standard, therefore, consumers must let LVL furniture panel manufacturers issue inspection reports when buying.

4. Water content and moisture content of slab are important factors affecting the quality of slab, because they will directly affect the quality of hot-pressed slab, such as bonding strength, bubbling, delamination, warpage and so on.

In fact, LVL furniture panels in production, in addition to the above factors, but also by temperature, pressure and hot pressing time.

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