Four factors to be familiar with when purchasing birch veneer products

Four factors to be familiar with when purchasing birch veneer products

Birch veneer is a kind of wood flake produced by using wood raw materials and professional production technology. When it is produced, it is very strict. No matter the material selection or processing technology, it needs a certain degree of professional technology. Among them, wear resistance is one of the standards to measure the quality, because veneer is mostly used in furniture, but in the process of furniture use. It is inevitable that there will be friction, which will seriously affect the aesthetics.

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1. The biggest grace of birch veneer is the natural color difference texture. In terms of color difference texture, it is required that the color difference between the battens should not be too large, or it will affect the aesthetics of its wood surface, thus affecting the sales. It is required that the degree of color change should be compatible with the inherent color of the wood, and it will not damage the surface aesthetics.

2. Wear resistance is a standard product attribute in the production of veneer, so the on-site inspection in many markets is a behavior of doing more than one thing. When we are buying, we can meet such a sensationalist business, we can have more eyes, avoid falling into the business’s consumption trap, and under the influence of negative forces, the purchase itself should have A product that becomes a selling point.

3. In general, the size is coordinated by the seller and the buyer, so as to avoid any problems in the later stage, and pay attention to some problems such as color difference when purchasing, so as to ensure the quality of the policy board.

IV. if we want to purchase high-quality birch veneer, we should have some knowledge of the performance of the veneer itself. We don’t need to carry out on-site inspection to judge the wear resistance of the veneer. Moreover, we don’t have professional knowledge and equipment, so we only need to query the relevant certificates and the smoothness of the veneer.

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