Four Misconceptions in Melamine Board

Four Misconceptions in Melamine Board

Myth 1: Melamine board is different from double decorative panel and paint-free panel.

Positive solution: Melamine board = double decorative panel = paint-free panel = ecological panel, these four names are used to describe the same kind of door panel. Melamine board is also referred to as melamine board. It is called melamine impregnated plastic paper veneered wood-based panels, and it is also called one-time forming board. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesives, then dried to a certain degree of curing, it is paved on particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, Blockboard or other hard fiberboard surface, after hot-pressing decorative board. Although the name is fancy, it does not mean that the product is fresh. Melamine board is not a new product.

Myth 2: The name of melamine board is “melamine”, which is toxic board.

Truth: I believe that many consumers outside the industry will have such doubts when they hear the name, but people in the industry engaged in plate production will cry and laugh. In fact, there is not much connection between the two. However, the melamine incident of Sanlu milk powder makes people come into contact with a “toxic” melamine term, which can not help worrying. So whether melamine board is toxic or not, according to the relevant data, as building materials, melamine board does not pose a threat to people in construction, and is generally non-toxic to people’s health. The quality is good. Melamine board qualified by national test has no effect on people’s life and health. However, many black-hearted businessmen in the market have created many “poisonous panels” for their interests, and the quality of products is not guaranteed. Therefore, when buying, we should also choose the regular brand, not only depend on the price but also ignore the quality.

Myth 3: Melamine board is medium density board

Right answer: The idea that the melamine board is the medium density board is often misleading based on the comments of the salesmen. Three people become tigers, three people lie about tigers in the market, listeners believe it. When many salesmen introduce products and say “Melamine board is medium density board”, it is easy to convince consumers. It is well known that the production process of melamine board, so melamine board is not medium density board, but medium density board can be used as the base material of melamine board. Even if the misleading of bad businessmen will be recognized sooner or later, we hope that we should also raise our awareness of vigilance.

Myth 4: Melamine board can not be used for ground decoration

Truth: This is one of the most common and confusing misunderstandings, because melamine board is often used in cabinet decoration materials, such as cabinets and various furniture decoration. Many online materials also say that melamine board fake composite floor for floor decoration, which is not appropriate. Yes, but this refers to the general melamine board. The general melamine board is really inappropriate, because its wear resistance is insufficient to cope with people’s trampling and scratching of sharp heavy objects. So the melamine board used in low-grade floor must be high wear-resistant melamine board. After strengthening wear-resistant technology treatment, the structure is similar to that of reinforced composite floor. It has rich texture pattern, good wear resistance, anti-static, anti-pollution, lower price than the reinforced floor. It is used in the floor of exhibition hall, stage floor of temporary performance, floor of computer room and experiment. It is suitable for the occasion where the flow of people is not large, such as room and ground.

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