Four reasons and Countermeasures of color difference of wooden door.

Four reasons and Countermeasures of color difference of wooden door.

1. Natural attribute reason

As we know, the leaves of a tree will not be the same, let alone two different trees. Even with the same tree, the color of the door near the center and root of the tree will be darker, and the color of the wood door near the top and bark will be lighter. Therefore, the color of finished products and samples can not be the same, even if they are redone, it is difficult to ensure the complete consistency of finished products. What’s more, different age and texture of each tree will also lead to color difference, which is a natural attribute problem of wood.

Different growing environment

There is a difference in the color between the center and the bark

2. Paint absorption

The growth environment of each tree is different, the structure of the wood itself will be different, and there will be different colors and lines. When the wood is spliced together and painted, there will also be some color differences due to the degree of absorption of the wood, resulting in different colors, resulting in slight color differences.

3. Paint process problems

Every time the product’s paint also needs to be re mixed, and the number of paint passes is different, and the color will also cause slight difference.

4. Color difference caused by environmental factors

Generally, the color of the wooden door near the window is obviously brighter than that of the wooden door in the dark position, which is mainly affected by the sunlight.

Is color difference a quality problem?

Generally, the color difference of reinforced wood doors is rare, and the color difference of solid wood doors is inevitable. The color difference of solid wood doors is determined by natural properties. Wood is porous material, different parts of the material density is different, different parts of the absorption of light and paint degree is also different, so sometimes the color of the two sides of the same floor will appear light and different texture, the slight color difference of wood door is not a quality problem. But if there are two different colors on a wooden door, it is a quality problem.

How to distinguish chromatic aberration from “inferior”?

The more we cover up some traces, the easier it is to highlight this part. If the wood door manufacturers use the defective board as the qualified board for processing, they must go through the color repair treatment. In order to control the color difference of the solid wood door within a very small range, the paint layer on the surface will be relatively thick, and it is not easy to control the color of the wood door within a certain range. Professional good writing is from the perspective of the door industry. As consumers in the selection of wooden doors, we must have an understanding of the color difference of wooden doors.

How to solve the problem of “color difference”?

In order to avoid the color difference of solid wood doors, which will affect the overall beauty of the room, consumers can control the color difference of their own wood doors by requiring manufacturers to send the same batch of wood door products!

Consumers don’t have to go after wooden doors without color difference. It is normal for the wooden door to have a slight color difference. The color difference value of the wooden door is within the permitted range. Generally speaking, it is reasonable not to exceed 5% of the color difference.

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