Four Standards for Laminated Flooring

Four Standards for Laminated Flooring

Surface wear resistance revolution

Laminated Flooring is used in public places (> 9000 rpm) and in families (> 6000 rpm). Above rotation refers to the initial wear value, that is, the surface decoration appears exposed, rather than wear-resistant final value, that is, the floor is all worn. The market is that some hardened composite wood flooring has high wear resistance, but it is likely to be the final wear resistance of the target.

Thickness Expansion Rate of Water Absorption

The swelling rate of water absorption thickness refers to the degree to which the water absorption thickness of the base increases after the laminated wood flooring is immersed in water at 25 C for a period of time, which is expressed by percentage. The larger the expansion rate is, the greater the strength of the laminated wood floor decreases after dampness, and surface protrusion or even fall off, which seriously affects the service life of the laminated wood floor. At present, the swelling rate of water absorption thickness of various brands on the market can be more than ten times different.

Surface Impact Resistance

That is to say, the impact test of Laminated Flooring is carried out by the prescribed method. The diameter of the pits left after impact is the basis of the impact performance. The smaller the diameter, the better the impact resistance and the longer the service life. The wear-resistant layer thickness of laminated wood flooring is over 0.1 mm, and the thickness can reach 0.7 mm.

Formaldehyde emission

According to GB18580-2001, laminated wood flooring can be directly used in indoor products, so its formaldehyde emission must reach level E1, i.e. less than 0.12mg/L.

In addition, there are static strength, internal bonding strength, density, moisture content, bonding strength and other indicators. When selling, the wear resistance grade and formaldehyde limit grade of the laminated wood flooring should be clearly indicated.

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