Fumigation-free and tough H 20 I-beams with first-class whole pine LVL I-beams

Fumigation-free and tough H 20 I-beams with first-class whole pine LVL I-beams

Label: I-beam LVL Classification: All pine I-beam LVL

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Product Name: H20/H16 I-beam

Wood beam height: 200mm/160mm

Flange width: 80mm

Flange thickness: 40mm

Web thickness: 27mm/30mm

Wood beam length: less than 9.6 meters

Material: Pine LVL (mainly Radial Pine of New Zealand) adopts laminated wood LVL structure. Its strength is more than 3 times that of Chinese fir and pine, and its web is plywood structure. It has good stability and high bearing capacity. Pass the highest OSHA standards.

Glue: WBP waterproof phenolic adhesive

Surface: Spray yellow waterproof paint

End: Spray red waterproof paint or red plastic wrap

Permissible bending modulus Q= (kNm) 5.5 kNm for each 1 meter extension of weight: 5.0 KG

Features: High standardization, perennial turnover, low cost amortization cost, reasonable price positioning, wide use, environmental protection, good waterproof, fire prevention, insect prevention, no glue, cracking, no deformation, high bearing capacity, good toughness, strong impact resistance, spray waterproof paint on all sides, many times of use, boiling water. Boil for 72 hours without glue

A. Low cost, high strength, light weight, easy for workers to use, reduce labor

B. It has strong versatility, meets the E0 standard of environmental protection, and completely meets the environmental protection standards of Europe and America.

C. The product parts of the system are highly standardized and reusable.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor structural parts and support. With the use of building templates, scaffolding wooden pedals can be produced by our company, can be matched with shipment, one-stop shopping.

Installation method: I-beam adopts stainless steel connector or connecting screw.

Product characteristics:

1. High degree of standardization, strong versatility, labor-saving workers, construction speed.

2. High stiffness, light weight and strong bearing capacity.

3. Environmental protection, all renewable resources, low cost, good performance, reusable.

4. Field-based, easy to disassemble and assemble, flexible to use, easy to transport, assemble and disassemble operation, easy to fix, good nail grip.

Products passed the national inspection and Supervision Center for wood-based panels and SGS third-party certification, can do commodity inspection on behalf of worry-free export.

Long-term exports to the Middle East, Europe and America, India, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions

Product characteristics:

1. I-beam is an important part of the international common building formwork system. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good linearity, not easy to deform, surface water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It can be used year round with low cost amortization, and can be used with professional formwork system products at home and abroad.

2. It can be widely used in horizontal formwork system, vertical formwork system (wall formwork, column formwork, hydraulic climbing formwork, etc.), variable arc formwork system and heterogeneous formwork system.

3. The straight wall formwork of woodwork I-beam is a loading and unloading formwork, which is convenient to assemble and can be assembled into various sizes of formwork to a certain extent and with flexible application. The formwork has large stiffness, convenient connection length and height, and can be poured more than 10 meters at a time. Because of the light weight of the template material, the assembly of the whole template is much lighter than that of the steel template.

4. The system has high standardization of components, good reusability, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Technical parameters: unit weight: 4.6 kg/m flange width: 80 mm flange thickness: 40 mm web thickness: 27 mm-30 mm elastic modulus E: 10,200 N/mm2 allowable deformation: l/500 (l = support width, m)

Detailed description

1. Flange: high-quality pine; strong stability.

2. Web: multi-layer board; durable; strong bearing capacity.

3. Protective film at both ends of I-beam: moisture-proof and ultraviolet-proof; reduce wear and tear; improve service life.

4. Product characteristics: high stiffness, light weight, strong bearing capacity, greatly reducing support and expanding floor construction space; easy to assemble and disassemble, flexible to use, easy to assemble and disassemble on site; high degree of standardization of various connectors, strong versatility and fast construction speed; low cost, high reuse times, thus reducing the project. Cost.

Technical parameters:

Unit weight: 4.6 kg/m beam height: 200 mm

Flange width: 80 mm allowable error: +/-1 mm

Flange thickness: 40 mm moisture content: 12-14%

Web Thickness: 30mm Wood Beam Length: 3.6M

Permissible Shear Force: 11.2KN Protector: Plastic Protector (Red) According to Customer Requirements

Allowable Bending Distance: 5.0KN/m Surface: Smooth

Elastic modulus E: 10,200 N/mm2 waterproof performance: waterproof performance, adapted to outdoor climate

Texture of material:

The two wings are dried pine with moisture content below 15%, removing knots and finger joints with adhesives to eliminate internal stresses of wood. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good linearity, and not easy to deform.

The web is three or more layers.

The surface is made of liquid emulsion made of building emulsion, color paste and anticorrosive insecticide, so that the surface treatment is not easy to fall off, and has the characteristics of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

Specification: Standard length specifications: 2.45, 2.65, 2.90, 3.30, 3.60, 3.90, 4.50, 4.90, 5.90 meters.

Wood beams of different length or thickness webs (less than 9.5 meters) can also be produced according to different needs.

H20 wooden I-beam is an important component in the international common building formwork system. It uses imported high-timber pine wood. It has the advantages of high strength, light weight, strong bearing capacity, reducing the number of supports, enlarging space and construction space, convenient assembly and disassembly, flexible use, easy assembly and disassembly in the field, water-resistant surface, labor-saving and material-saving, etc. Point, can be used for many years turnover, compared with the existing use of 5*10, 10*10 wooden formwork composed of the overall effect of great progress; comprehensive cost amortization costs are much cheaper; can be used with foreign professional template system products.

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