Fundamentals of Wooden Door – Components, Internal Structure and Classification of Wooden Door

Fundamentals of Wooden Door – Components, Internal Structure and Classification of Wooden Door

1. The name of each part of the wooden door.

Wooden doors generally consist of risers, door stiffeners and door core panels. There is also a more detailed distinction between the upper and lower left and right positions. Taking riser as an example, it can be divided into riser, middle riser, lock riser and lower riser. But now because of the design needs, many doors have broken the original structure part, so it can not be exhausted. See the diagram below for details.

Name of each part of the door and fan

2. Internal structure of wooden door

Generally speaking, the structure of solid wood composite door refers to the structure of door stiffening. At present, there are mainly the following structures:

LVL/T-shirt finger joint+MDF+veneer/board

Particleboard + Wood Bark

Honeycomb Paper+MDF+Wood Bark/Plywood

3. Classification of Mumen

(1) Classified by opening mode.

Wooden doors can be divided into four types according to their opening modes: flat open door (also known as moving door) (P), push-pull door (T), folding door (Z) and spring door (H). Among them, when the fixed part is combined with the flat open door or push-pull door, it is the flat open door or push-pull door.

(2) According to internal structure. According to the different structure of wooden doors, wooden doors can be divided into solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, splint moulded hollow doors.

A) Solid door:

Wooden doors with completely unified external and internal materials. Generally speaking, it refers to all kinds of wooden doors with this characteristic, including semi-section glass doors and glass doors made of solid wood. Wood drying is the key process of solid wood door making.

B) laminate door

It refers to all kinds of solid doors made of wood, wood-based panels, veneers and other materials, and generally refers to all wooden doors with the characteristics of this material. Under the circumstances of increasing scarcity of forest resources and the increasingly prominent contradiction between supply and demand of precious tree species, it is an effective means for comprehensive utilization of timber. The application of veneer technology is the most prominent feature of composite door.

C) Mold door

The hollow door with plywood and wood as the skeleton material and the surface layer of wood-based panels or PVC panels as the pressing and bonding or moulding (the unsupported area is more than 10 cm x 10 cm) is called the splint moulded hollow door.

(3) According to external perception. According to the appearance, we generally divide wooden doors into planedoor, panel door and so on.

(4) According to the classification of surface coatings.

A) Paint doors: doors whose surface is sprayed with paint technology.

B) Paint-free doors: doors that do not need to be painted. The surface material is generally PVC, Boeing film (imitation wood felt strong paste), melamine (melamine decorative paper).

C) Paint door: Paint is actually a surface technology, based on density plate. Paint doors are divided into piano paint and metal paint.

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