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Edge banding is a material used to protect the section of furniture sheet.

Furniture edge banding is a material for protecting, decorating and beautifying the cross-section of furniture plate. It can make a piece of furniture show the overall effect of clear wood grain and colorful colors.


(1) Introduction

(2) type

(3) advantages

(4) test method

(5) characteristics

(6) judge good or bad

brief introduction

The main component of PVC edge banding is PVC, which is made by mixing, calendering, vacuum molding and other processes. The products are widely used in furniture, office, kitchenware, teaching equipment, civil laboratories, etc. The thickness is from 0.3 to 3mm and the width is from 12mm to 80mm. The product has the following main characteristics: smooth surface, no blister, no stretch, moderate gloss, smooth surface and back, uniform thickness, consistent width, reasonable hardness, high elasticity, good quality, strong wear resistance, edge sealing side color after trimming is close to the surface color, no whitening, good gloss, and overall color coordination of finished furniture.

Edge banding

Edge banding

The main function of the edge banding strip is to seal the cross section of the plate, so as to avoid the damage of the environment and adverse factors (mainly moisture) in the use process to the plate, prevent the formaldehyde volatilization inside the plate, and achieve the effect of decorative beauty.


PVC edge banding base material is composed of PVC resin, calcium carbonate powder and various auxiliary materials (stabilizer, DOP oil, ACR, stearic acid, carbon white powder, toner, anti-aging agent, etc.). The trimming effect of edge banding is related to the proportion of base material.

1、 PVC wood grain edge banding

It is cured by rolling UV paint after printing with ink on PVC substrate.

The good simulation effect of wood grain edge banding depends on the quality of ink. At present, the price of ink in the market ranges from 20 yuan / kg to 160 yuan / kg. If high-quality ink is used to print the edge banding, the simulation effect of the edge banding is close to the plate, the printing layer is rich, and the color fading in the room is not obvious within three years. At present, the edge banding with rich printing layers is mainly three-color printing, followed by two-color printing and one-color printing.

Detection method: place the edge banding strips printed with different inks under the strong sunlight for one week, and then compare them with those before the sunlight irradiation. It can be seen that the fading degree of the two kinds of edge banding strips is different. The abrasion resistance and transparency of wood grain edge banding are closely related to the quality of UV paint. The market price of UV paint is between 50 yuan / kg and 120 yuan / kg. If the surface of the edge banding strip is easily scratched and blurred, it is due to the use of inferior UV paint. The adhesion degree between the edge banding and the plate and the adhesion effect between the edge banding and the hot sol depend on the quality of the adhesive backing.

There are certain requirements on the temperature for the adhesion between the plate and the edge banding. Although the temperature of the hot sol in the hot-melt glue barrel of the edge banding machine is between 200 ° C and 180 ° C, there is a distance of 20cm-30cm between the hot sol and the bonding point of the edge banding strip after the hot sol roller coating. Due to the low temperature and fast heat dissipation in the workshop, the temperature of the bonding point between the plate and the edge banding is actually below 120 ° C, so the bonding effect is not ideal. At this time, it is easier to open the adhesive if bad adhesive is used again (current market price of adhesive: 18 yuan / kg – 50 yuan / kg). Solution: since the temperature of the side of the plate is too low when the plate is cut from a place with low temperature, the bonding effect will be affected. Therefore, the indoor temperature of the workshop should be kept above 15 ° C, and a thermostatic cover should be added to the edge banding plate of the edge banding machine.

2、 ABS edge banding

ABS resin is one of the most advanced materials in the world at present. The edge banding strip made of ABS resin is not doped with calcium carbonate. It looks transparent and smooth after trimming, and will never appear white. However, the market price of ABS resin is about 12800 yuan / ton, and the production cost is high, which is about 1 times higher than the price of PVC edge banding of the same specification in the market promotion. Solid wood veneer refers to the edge sealing strip, which is mainly used on the furniture pasted with wood veneer. This product is glued with non-woven fabric on the back to increase the strength of the veneer and prevent the veneer from cracking. The finger length is 200m / roll, so it can be used continuously on the edge banding machine to improve the working efficiency and trim the edges neatly. The utility model solves the disadvantages of single wood veneer edge sealing.

3、 Melamine edge banding, commonly known as paper edge banding, has the advantages of being easy to stick, not easy to stretch and deform in case of cold and heat. However, due to its characteristics, it is brittle and easy to fold, and is easy to be damaged in the production and handling of furniture.


1: PVC furniture edge banding is relatively light, which is relative to metal and plexiglass. The reason why it is light is not because it is a polymer compound, but because it is an organic compound, that is, it is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other lighter elements.

2: PVC furniture edge banding is made of plastic, which is easy to process. Plastic has plasticity, that is, it is deformed after heating or pressurization, and remains unchanged after cooling or pressure disappears. The edge banding can be processed into respective shapes by extrusion, such as T-shaped edge banding, H-shaped edge banding, D-shaped edge banding, V-shaped edge banding, I-shaped edge banding, etc.

3: PVC furniture edge banding is of high quality and low price, and the fluctuation of plastic price is far less than that of metal.

test method

Visually check whether the color and texture of the edge banding strip is consistent with that of the plate used, or whether it is consistent with the designer’s requirements.

Check whether the surface of the edge banding strip is smooth and flat, and whether there are sundries. If there is any impurity or fine needle hole, it may be made of Recycled PVC. Check whether the back of the edge banding strip is flat. A flat blade can be used to clamp the edge sealing strip horizontally to see if it is straight. If it is not straight, there will be thick glue lines on both sides after edge sealing. If the back of the edge sealing strip is flat and there is still a thick glue line after the edge sealing, the following method can be used to check whether the saw surface of the plate is flat. If the specifications of the upper and lower saw blades are different during sawing, there are small steps on the saw surface during sawing, which will affect the edge sealing. Check whether the hot-melt adhesive coating is too thick. Check whether the thickness and pressure of the edge banding machine are coordinated. Use a small section of edge banding strip for edge banding, and then tear it with force to check whether the adhesive strength between the edge banding strip and the hot sol is reasonable and uniform. In case of insufficient strength, it is necessary to check whether the hot sol temperature of the edge banding machine meets the use standard. Refer to paragraph 3 of “PVC wood grain edge banding strip” in Article 1 for the introduction of back glue.

Whether the side of the plate is even after trimming. If there is serration, it may be caused by the following reasons: the trimming knife is too blunt; The edge banding is too hard; The edge banding contains too much calcium carbonate. Scratch the edge banding with nails or other tools. If it is damaged, the surface abrasion resistance and hardness of the edge banding do not meet the standard, which proves that the quality of the edge banding is unqualified.


PVC edge banding

PVC edge banding is a thermoplastic coil made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes and other additives, mixed and pressed together. The surface has wood grain, marble, cloth grain and other patterns and patterns, and the surface is soft, with a realistic and three-dimensional feeling of wood; It has a certain degree of finish and decoration, and has a certain degree of heat resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and a certain degree of hardness on the surface. The main function of the edge banding strip is to seal the section of the plate, so as to avoid the damage of the environment and the adverse factors (mainly moisture) in the use process to the plate, prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde in the plate, and achieve the decorative effect.

Judge good or bad

1. Look at the hue and surface roughness of the edge banding strip. The color of the surface of a good edge banding strip is also very important. Whether the color is close to and gorgeous with the customized product. If the surface is very rough and there are pull marks, the quality is definitely not good. This is the surface quality of the edge banding strip. It has little to do with the quality of the inner material of the edge banding strip. It is mainly the production process of the edge banding strip factory and the production technology skills of the employees. Good edge banding: the surface must be smooth, free of blisters or few blisters, no stretch lines or few stretch lines, moderate gloss, and not too bright or too matte (unless there are special requirements).

2. Check whether the flatness and thickness of the surface and bottom of the edge banding strip are uniform. Otherwise, the joint between the edge banding strip and the plate, the glue line is too eye-catching or the gap between the plate and the edge banding strip is too large, which will affect the overall beauty. Details determine success or failure. Often a small problem of details may lead to the embarrassing situation of poor overall effect.

3. Whether the trimming of edge banding is white, whether the surface of bent edge banding is seriously white, and whether the background color of edge banding is close to the surface color of the difficult plate. PVC edge banding is mainly made of PVC, calcium carbonate and additives. If the calcium carbonate content is too high, the edge banding will turn white and the bending will turn white, which proves that the quality of such products is poor.

4. Whether the strength is OK and whether there is elasticity, high strength means good wear resistance, and the corresponding quality is also better. Too high strength also means that the processing difficulty is increased. Low elasticity means low wear resistance and low anti-aging ability. In addition, according to the needs of actual production, if manual trimming is required, soft points can be properly made, and automatic edge banding machine can properly make hard points.

5. Whether the back glue is evenly applied and easy to fall off during use.

6. Smell whether the PVC edge banding has a taste. The products produced with high-quality raw materials generally have a small taste. If the taste is too strong, it means that the raw materials used in production are of poor quality.

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