General information Russian birch plywood grades

General information Russian birch plywood grades

Quality grades

Below we provide an overview of the most typical top veneer grades and a summarized description of each. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with more comprehensive details on quality grades.


Unfilled, sanded veneer in which no plugs are allowed. Few small open knots may exist. Natural discolouring is marginally allowed. Few hair cracks are also allowed. B-veneer is principally suitable for so-called ‘blank work’ but we recommend you notify us in advance of any special application requirements you may have.


This is an intermediate B and BB grade allowing a panel to include maximally three colour-selected wooden plugs on S-side.


Predominantly unfilled and sanded veneer to which repairs by means of plugs are allowed. A restricted number of minor knots may be included, as well as small, closed splits and minor defects of panel edges. BB grade veneer is suitable for paint and veneer work, and finishing with HPL.

CP (WG+)

Plugs and other forms of repairs, as well as the inclusion of larger knots, are allowed without restriction. Natural discolouring, including brown cores, does not lead to rejection. Minor splits as well as other ‘cosmetic’ flaws are allowed. CP veneer must generally be closed and sanded; as such, it provides an excellent base for finishing with HPL.

C (WG)

In addition to all before mentioned flaws, this grade of veneer may include larger deficiencies, and in larger numbers. C-grade may be delivered unsanded. C-grade is mainly suitable for freighting and simple construction work.


Russian plywood, as well as that of other former Soviet Union member states, is manufactured according the GOST export standards. In the past, batches originally selected for local use based on standard norms have frequently been offered. Such grades do not, in any way, comply with our national quality criteria. Unfortunately, product specifications that apply to export-grades are deceptively similar to those applying to those appropriate for local use only. Inclusion of ‘A’ in grading – such as ‘AB/BB’ – invariably characterises a grade suitable for local use only.

Products qualified as B/BB or BB/BB may also be suitable to local use only, which may be confused with B/BB and BB/BB export grades. We strongly advice you to take care when dealing with offers of businesses unknown to be reliable plywood-importing agents.


We predominantly import larger sized birch plywood (1220 x 2440 mm and 1250 x 2500 mm) from Russia and Ukraine. Obviously, we also provide alternatives in Finnish, Latvian and Polish birch plywood, but where different specifications apply.

Please specify any origin-specific requests you may have when ordering your birch plywood.


Although we aim to stock much of our birch plywood as 1250 x 2500 mm. Due to frequently occurring problems with the product’s availability in that dimension we may only be able to offer you its 1220 x 2440 mm alternative.

Long- and cross-grain veneered.

The availability of long- and cross-grain veneered birch plywood fluctuates significantly. When determining the mix of our stocked range we strived to predominantly stock long-grain veneered B/BB. We assume that grain direction is of less importance to lower grade top veneers, such as BB/BB, BB/CP and CP/CP. If you specifically require this grade to be long-veneered, please specify this when requesting a quotation so we can verify its availability.

  • Birch Plywood Grading

    B Grade

    The highest grade available for clear finishing. Clean appearance, no plugs with only minor natural features such as small pin knots.

  • Birch Plywood Grading

    S Grade

    Virtually blemish free face with minimal small knots and other minor characteristics. Sanded on both faces.

  • Birch Plywood Grading

    BB Grade

    Wood patches replace all major defects. Some brown stain is permitted to allow for colour variations.

  • Birch Plywood Grading

    WG Grade

    All sound knots permitted with some open defects. Sanded on both sides.


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