General Purpose MDO Product Application Matrix

General Purpose MDO is paintable and durable which allows these products to cover a wide variety of market needs.

Originally developed for sign painting and concrete formwork industries, MDO is also used for other applications as a paintable surface. Paint finishes on MDO are up to three times more durable than the same finish applied to ordinary plywood.

Here are some examples of existing uses:

• Signs • Siding • Color accent panels • Gable Ends • Garage Doors • Cabinets and built-ins • Marine Bulk heads, decks, cabins, hatch covers • Chimney enclosures • Fruit and vegetable bins • Transportation Sidewalls • Privacy Screens • Cupolas • Farm Buildings, farm equipment • Fertilizer Bins • Soffits and fascia • Painted exterior structures • Other applications requiring a paintable surface with good moisture resistance.

General Purpose MDO Product Application Matrix

280 P 357 P 360 P
Surface Smoothness Fair Better Best
Paint Adhession Good Excellent Excellent
Paint Absorption Medium Low Low
Grain Masking Fair Good Good
Low Pressure Blisters Fair Good Good
Preferred Application Backer 2-step or 1-step with uniform veneer thickness High quality 2-step with hardwood faces
Resin Content 28 % 28 % 28 %
Resin Type Phenolic Phenolic Phenolic
Approximate Caliper .014 in .017 in .017 in

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