Germany (Hanover) Woodworking Machinery Exhibition LIGNA 2019

Germany (Hanover) Woodworking Machinery Exhibition LIGNA 2019

: May 27-31, 2019

: Hanover

: Biennial

Forestry machinery, technical equipment and services: primary processing machinery and technical equipment (production of semi-finished products); secondary processing of machinery and technical equipment (lamination, processing, solid wood bonding); surface painting of machinery and technical equipment: assembly, packaging machinery and technical equipment; material handling, warehousing and debugging technology; robotics technology; machinery and equipment of special processes; Machinery and equipment of products; auxiliary machines, equipment and devices; portable wood and plastic processing machines; tools and aids; machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacture of tools; products of machinery and equipment; energy generated by surplus wood (dust, chips, firewood, bark) and the use of wood fuel for heating; energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention and air conditioning; Subdata acquisition and data processing; measurement, testing and control systems; production equipment, surface treatment materials, auxiliaries, hardware; wood construction, interior decoration, renovation; interior decoration, decoration and furniture production materials, semi-finished products and finished products; utilized wood, wood products; timber trade and marketing; delivery of complete sets of equipment, financial leasing companies; independent calculation; Machine software (CAD, ERP, production planning and control, etc.); Independent services in wood industry; Research and testing institutions, wood and woodworking industry (universities, technical institutes and other educational institutions); Wood and woodworking industry publishing houses.

The Hannover International Woodworking and Forestry Exposition (Ligna Hannover) is the most important exhibition in the world’s timber industry, furniture manufacturing industry and timber processing industry. It was founded in 1975 and held every two years. It is also the world’s top woodworking industry and timber processing industry. LIGNA covers all links in the value-added chain of wood, from forestry technology, primary processing of sawmill industry and secondary processing of board products industry to mature industry, as well as the production of renewable energy wood. The exhibition is unparalleled in terms of the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as in terms of authority, professionalism and transaction amount.

The Hanover International Forestry Woodworking Exhibition 2017 (hereinafter referred to as LIGNA) closed at the Hanover Exhibition Center in Germany on May 26. The exhibition lasted five days and presented an impressive industry event. LIGNA 2017 adopts a new layout of exhibition halls and chooses a large number of exhibition categories to fully reflect the increasing technology convergence between technology industries and industries. “Facts have proved that the new pavilion layout has achieved great success. After the implementation of the new pavilion layout, the audience can easily find the target pavilion. Digital and integrated production is a new channel for customers to achieve success. The enormous demand in this area has resulted in a full number of orders.

The new approach of LIGNA in 2017 is promoting stable growth of the whole industry. With a net exhibition area of 129,000 square meters, more than 1,500 exhibitors (900 of them from other countries and regions outside Germany) came to the exhibition and demonstrated their innovative factory, machinery and equipment solutions. LIGNA 2017 attracted 93,000 professional audiences, 42,000 of whom came from more than 100 different countries and regions outside Germany. The growing number of international visitors to the exhibition has spread almost everywhere in the world, especially in Asia, North America and Europe.

In the international woodworking machinery manufacturing industry, the German woodworking machinery industry has become an indisputable leader in the world market. German woodworking machinery market is about 2.35 billion marks, the largest market in Europe, far ahead of other major woodworking machinery countries, such as Italy 900 million marks, France 570 million marks, Austria 326 million marks. German woodworking machinery manufacturing industry, as the largest producer and exporter, has surpassed Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

According to the statistics of the German Association of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers, the output value of the German woodworking machinery manufacturing industry was about 900 million US dollars in 1981, 1.04 billion US dollars in 1985, 3 billion US dollars in 1990 and 3.4 billion US dollars in 1998. Such a high output value is achieved by 250 small and medium-sized enterprises, with about 25,000 employees. German woodworking machinery products are mainly exported, the main export countries are the United States, France, Austria, Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, the former Soviet Union, China and so on. German woodworking machinery manufacturers invest 5% of their annual turnover in research and development of new technologies. Therefore, 31% of the world’s woodworking machinery patents are filed in Germany, 20% in the United States, 10% in Japan and 5% in Italy.

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