Global plywood is in the stage of transformation and upgrading

Global plywood is in the stage of transformation and upgrading

Given China’s slowing economic growth and tight wood fiber supply, production and consumption growth in Asia cannot continue to grow at the current rate. North American supply roughly matches demand. However, both situations inevitably change. So what is the future of these two regions and the rest of the world? What are the future updates?

Consumers have always believed that plywood is a unique product because its strength and appearance properties are not easy to duplicate. Balancing supply and consumption in North America and continuing to increase sales elsewhere will depend on many factors. General economic conditions, including the relative strength of the dollar, will remain the main factor.

The North American industrial development model includes basic plywood technology, expanding the use of key veneers and adhesive components. Plywood, which has existed for more than 100 years, is still the main product. At the same time, there is a new generation of plywood technology. LVL is such a product, which can achieve certain strength and other values. Similar to the ongoing process of OSB replacing plywood cladding, LVL usually replaces timber, steel and concrete structural beams in buildings. The product has been widely recognized in North America and is now positioned for recognition in the rest of the world.

Plywood technology is promoting the development of other veneer products. Freres lumber company is a large-scale veneer manufacturer in rural western Oregon.

A collaboration between Oregon State University and Freres lumber company developed the giant plywood (MPP). This kind of Engineering plate is designed to replace wood, steel and concrete, and is superior to cross laminated timber (CLT) as a building structural element.

The invention of giant plywood (MPP) MPP is based on the latest indicators. The single board technology is reasonable in concept and can be used to manufacture a wider range of useful products.

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